Lobster is everywhere and most places will do a good job serving up a nice “bug”.  Order it steamed – never baked (over cooks and dries out the meat). For lot’s of good info about lobsters and their history in Maine go to the Gulf of Maine Research page. And for some great ideas about lobster preparation read this Boston Globe article.  Fascinating stuff, especially if you love these crustaceans as much as we do.

Here is where we go to eat lobster:

Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier          

16 Chauncy Creek Road Kittery Point, Maine 03905    207.439.1030

This is the best spot for water side, super casual, picnic table, put on a bib, truly fresh, properly cooked lobster. BYOB (and anything else not on the menu). Some make it an event with table-cloth, candelabra, fancy salad. But you can just bring some beer or wine….and dine. This is our hands down favorite place to tear up a lobster. Relaxed and fun.

Cape Neddick Lobster Pound and Harborside Restaurant

60 Shore Road Cap Neddick, Maine 09302   207.363.7532

A good choice for indoor lobster feast, family dining, very relaxed.  If you have to wait, there’s a pub. Try the bouillabaisse! (ask for extra bread). Good variety of alternate items – fried (and baked) platters of seafood, steaks, chicken. This is not “haute cuisine”. It’s just good straight up comfort food, served overlooking the Cape Neddick River.

Lobster Cove Restaurant 

756 York Street, York Harbor, Maine 03911    207.351.1100

 Enjoy moderately priced,classic ocean side dining. The best ocean view is from the second floor. It’s open year round and has been in business a long time serving up a quality meal. We have experienced nice service here and often there will be a tempting “twin lobster special”. We also like the fried clams and fresh fish dishes here. This is not creative dining, but it’s a solid ocean side meal at a reasonable price. And then there is the Atlantic… waves crashing on the rocks…walk Long Sands Beach after your meal. Welcome to Maine.

Fox’s Lobster House  

8 Sohier Park Road York Beach, Maine 09310   207.363.2643

Choose Fox’s for views of the famous “Nubble Light” as you gobble seafood done many ways (which means the prices are just a little higher than the above mentioned).  Again, this is not fancy, just a great way to get your fried clam or lobster fix while looking at one of the most photographed Light Houses on the coast. We had some great broiled haddock there recently as well. Be aware that the second floor dining area is a little cramped and during the summer, the noise factor (families having fun) can be significant. Lots of desserts, but you could save yourself for the ice cream around the corner: Brown’s Ice Cream has a zillion flavors – all great. Try the ginger or raspberry explosion. Order a “small”…really, order the small.

Although we prefer to devour our lobsters the messy way at a casual restaurant … picnic table, bib, extra paper towels, there are times when the lobster craving coincides with a desire for an upscale atmosphere. Here’s the menu at the York Harbor Inn which is just about a mile from us. They do it right.

Lobster Roll 

You need a lobster roll and you want it to be the freshest, most generous possible. You might also have the urge for some spectacular clam chowder. Drop into The Maine Lobster Outlet on route 1 for the above mentioned treats any day of the week year round. (To go only). We recommend having it “Downeast Style” (grilled bun, lobster meat, butter on the side…no mayo).  Take your catch to the beach, smell the ocean, feel the breeze, eat well.

One more lobster idea. Over the last few years it has become fashionable at many spots (fancy or not) to offer an item called:

Lobster Mac’n’Cheese

This sounds like a simple idea. But it is an art form. We like it when the mac’n’cheese has been baked with a crunchy crust. The challenge here is to not kill the lobster by over cooking. Our own technique is to bake a 5 cheese creation and add precooked (gently steamed) lobster to a pan of butter, saute it for a few seconds and then drop it on top. Just my opinion. There are lots great versions.

Lobster Mac’n’Cheese now on Robert’s  menu. Very comforting to know.