Wild Willy’s Burgers  761 US Route 1, York Maine 207.363.9924

“Real Burgers for Real Burger Lovers”  (not fancy, but they are serious about burgers). Maybe you have eaten enough seafood. It is possible. You are yearning for a perfect hamburger. Look no further than Wild Willy’s. It’s simple, it’s on route 1, the menu is mostly burgers. They are superb. Try a “Wicked Good” (onions, mushrooms, 2 kinds of cheese). Consider substituting for bison. Maybe add some guacamole. Get extra napkins. It will be a juicy, scrumptious experience. Make a joke with “Willy”, place your order, sit down. They’ll call your number, wave your hand, they deliver, you eat. Went there last night and I want to return tonight.

Well…a few days later, we did return. And here is an update: the “large fries” are huge…like almost too much for the two of us. Next time a regular will suffice. And more importantly, there was a display card on the table explaining their “3 grinds“. You can now choose from regular angusbison or a “natural” which has no antibiotics, no hormones, vegetarian feed, the cattle are happy, etc. I am now in total awe. Our diet at home has only included meat and poultry in this category for some time. Quality kudos Willy!

Fat Tomato Grill   241 York Street, York Village 207.363.5333

This little sandwich shop is located in the heart of York Village. It’s a great value and very convenient. The “Bacon Blue Burger” is spectacular and the Reuben is mighty fine. The fries are also done just right. There are always specials which can be found on their facebook page. The service is as friendly as can be. Try the Fat Tomato, you’ll be pleased.